Friday, 19 March 2010

Who does God think should win the SA election?(i)

Yesterday I had half an hour to spare so I went and sat in the Dean's Chapel at the Cathedral and prayed for the State election. So it's all my fault! (here is why Anglicare urged us to do it)
In my last entry I made the not so bold statement that it won't really make much difference to our stability and sense of well-being whether Liberal or Labor win tomorrow.
No doubt some of us will feel disheartened (either way), but I suspect on Monday most of us will go about our normal business.
There has been much talk about people's personal religious beliefs, and in particular how this might impact on their ability to be able to carry out their role as an elected leader.
The (allegedly) non-religious seem to think that some how extraneous pressure will be brought to bear, but I think this is a bit bizarre.
I actually feel a lot happier knowing that Joe O'Flynn (it was St Patrick's day this week after all) has a coherent set of beliefs, even though I may differ in part or total. Than not-knowing that Jerry O'Grady is not religious...and I don't actually have a clue what sorts fo things he might regard as important.
I do remember being at one of those open-slather meetings some years ago when the clean-cut plants of the right were trying to expose some of the social policies of the local Greens candidates.
Most of us tend to think of Greens as being single-issue candidates. Plant more trees and save the whale sort of thing! But over the years they have taken time to develop social policies which would scandalise some and delight others. They are pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro delgalistaion of marijuana...and so on.
The plants in the audience were doing a good job of exposing some of these.
My point?
Everyone has some belief structure. At least the religious belief structure is open to examination where the private belief structure could be much more outrageous.
I am not of the opinion that we should dismiss whole classes of people because of their beliefs.
So lets have less of dismissing people just because they are 'religious'.
I will get round to telling you what is really going on...but maybe that is blog (ii)........

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