Thursday, 1 April 2010

Quentin the desirable

Looking back to this time last year I was wondering why those who should know better keep spreading the misinformation that the Governor General is our Head of State.

They were complaining that she was daring to state an opinion.

She is not of course our Head of State
In fact the Constitution couldn't be clearer:
Section1. The legislative power of the Commonwealth shall
be vested in a Federal Parliament, which shall consist of the Queen, a Senate,
and a House of Representatives, and which is herein-after called "The Parliament," or "The Parliament of the Commonwealth. "

Section2. A Governor-General appointed by the Queen
shall be Her Majesty's representative in the Commonwealth, and shall have and may exercise in the Commonwealth during the Queen's pleasure, but subject to this Constitution, such powers and functions of the Queen as Her Majesty may be pleased to assign to him.

Criticising the GG for saying (what she has always said even since before being appointed ) that Australians would decide to become a republic at some point, (the soon to be ex) Senator Minchin was saying she should just say nothing.
Personally, whether she is our Head of State or not (and she is not), I think it is not only OK, but desirable that she should contribute to public debate. And not just defer to the pollies.

I was interested to see in the National Orchid Garden of Singapore when there in February, this rather stunning orchid..Dendrobium Quentin Bryce amongst those of other national leaders of the region. One hopes there is one for our actual leader, but QB deserves it any way.

BUT I do notice that since I first posted on this last year she does seem to have been quieter, or perhaps not reported on so much. I do hope the pollies have not got their way. She is in such a good position to comment as other GGs have been. And the more indepoendent, non-political voices that contribute to national discussion the better in my opinion

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