Monday, 3 May 2010

caught at it

I parked my car near the Blackwood Post Office today while I went to pick up a parcel. I noticed a man skulking around so made double sure to lock the car. What was curious is that he had gone into the car park and (I thought) was looking for a way out but when he found that it was completely fenced he seemed to go and stand behind the toilet block and didn't look like he was going to move.
He was still there when I returned some minutes later. It became obvious he was praying his afternoon prayers.
I felt sad that he had to skulk behind the toilets, I felt sad that u thought he was up to no good. I felt sad that I couldn't go over and say...(because he was in mid-prayers) if you had wandered a 100 metres down the road you could have gone into All Hallows' Church which is open for all.
It reminded me of a retired priest, who I respect greatly, who used to joke that one of his parishioners had "caught him at it" and he would observe that that is what he would like people to say about him. That they caught him praying. Me too!!

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