Friday, 7 May 2010


I tire of the epithet that declares this or that to be "unaustralian".
It is clear that in a pluralist society we are as divided about what is and what is not "Australian" as we can be.
For heavens sake our key value would seem to be that people should be allowed the maximum liberty to do what they like without interference. It's unaustralian to try and minimise people's liberties in fairly arbitrary ways.
No one is seriously suggesting that values of safety and security should be compromised by a sort of anarchy which says anything goes...but saying what people should and should not be allowed to wear...and the burkha is the case in ridiculous
I personally am not inclined to believe that Senator Bernardi is the best arbiter of what is and what is not “Australian”.
His comments about the burkha would seem to be such blatant political opportunism, aimed at the sort of divisive scare tactics that the Opposition is renowned for, that it causes me to conclude he is the last person who should be allowed to pontificate on what is “unaustralian”.

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