Thursday, 3 June 2010

Beating up the news

A recent careless story from The Advertiser about the Anglican Church's welfare arm Anglicare is doing the rounds, and is pretty mischievous (here).
The article linked to (here) does tell some of the story. In fact it notes that the Anglican Church actually received advice about what it could and could not do legally, and never at any stage did it suggest that it would be using government funding or private donations which had been given or acquired for its legitimate use.
I can't help but think that had the most public face of the Church's ministry of caring for people at risk sat back and said "This doesn't concern us!" there would be voices screaming that Anglicare doesn't really care for those hurt by this dreadful stuff.
Of course much of this is subtle and requires careful assimilation of the information. Not something the casual newspaper reader tends to do. certainly not something inexperienced reporters tend to care very much about either!!!

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