Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lest we forget that the Church is just as ridiculous

I am ever conscious when I write about anything institutional be it politics, education, or social issues that the Church is not much different. Indeed in many senses it is is more ridiculous than most!
Blogging, as I have been, about the raucous political events that no sees Australia with its first woman Prime minister, I have noted how commentators often seem obsessed by what women wear.
Well lest we forget my aforementioned truth that the Church is just as bizarre, here's a little story about how one of my heroes, Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori who happens to be the Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church, was trifled with during a recent visit to Southwark Cathedral in London.
Apparently the Dean of Southwark made the mistake of asking what protocols might need to apply and was told make from the Archbishop of Canterbury's office, that she should not wear her hat!! (that is, the special hat called the 'mitre' which recalls the tongues of flames which came on the first apostles at Pentecost)
This curiosity is all the more curious when you consider there had been other occasions where she had been seen out in public hat and all (see the follow up here!!)
Bishop K kindly went along with this power-play and carried her hat!
In a Communion, where we have at times prided ourselves on the fact that at least we can be civil. It is offensive when such pettiness takes place.

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