Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thank God for the Greens!

At the bash with Tim Costello the other night (here) it was good to see at least two politicians there. Costello made the interesting point about World Vision that some aid agencies say they are "not political". He said that he made no such claim and that he thought such statements were incorrect...overseas aid is essentially political and will always be so. I agree.
Costello made the point that what he thought such agencies meant was that they were not partisan.
Any way, back to the function, present there was local Federal member Andrew Southcott. I was bemused, but pleased, to see him there...remembering that two elections ago he was teed up to come to a forum that local church members were organising and obviously decided at the last moment that he couldn't be bothered. Throwing us rather into a spin I suggested to the organisers that they should just tell him that they would go ahead without him!
He actually capitulated!
Last election a similar meeting was held and there was a lot of talk about the fact that he could lose!!! So he was there feet forward.
I was entertained by the fact that many, many questioners opened their questions to him by suggesting that he was only seen in his electorate when he was on the run!!
That may or may not be true, but it was good to see him there. And it allowed Tim Costello the cue to say something about growing up in the Australia of Robert Menzies!
Also there was the spectacularly short Sarah Hanson-Young, South Australian Greens' Senator. I took the opportunity to thank her for her outspoken support of the refugee cause.
At a time when it looks as though the Labor Party is going to commit another act of treachery against the most vulnerable her voice has been steadfast. As an idealist, I recognise that they are few and far between.
Thank God for the Greens. Thank God for Sarah Hanson-Young

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