Friday, 13 August 2010

Saying what you mean...meaning what you say

Perhaps one of the more horrifying election stories is about Queensland Family First Candidate Wendy Francis who, in the best tradition of Family First has tweeted her foot into her mouth.
She is (of course!!!) not homophobic even if she did Tweet...that allowing same-sex couples to have children is like 'legalising child abuse'.
I have only one comment to make which is that forcing people to deny their sexuality, and therefore requiring them to live the life of a lie is also abuse.
We need to recognise that there are many thousands of gay people who have children, there are many who have managed to live relatively happy lives whilst not being allowed to admit to their sexuality.
There are also thousands of people for whom this sort of deception has ruined their lives. There are many, many people who have suicided ; and speaking as a person who has experienced two suicides in their family, the victims of suicide are not just the deceased.
I just don't get Family First. Many of whom are allegedly Christian. They seem to lack the very compassion that our God calls us to have. (see the SMH's version of the story here)
I say again...we should do what ever we can to allow all people to develop stable committed is stable committed relationships that are the best environment for the nurture of children.

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