Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The time is short

Went to to see Fugitive on Saturday. A 'sort of' contemporaneous retelling of Robin Hood
Full house or so it seemed. Very energetic and stunning performance.
Sound cues spot on...very important for the kicking and thumping!!! Thought all the actors were great. Particularly Sherrif Marty (Carmel)...she was just amazing...had the audience in the palm of her hand which gave such impetus to the tragedy that was happening on the other side of the stage . Geoff Revell was good. Indeed all were good. What a find young actor Danielle is....I was stunned, particularly by her performance in the last scene which left the audience dangling.
Thought the end was just wonderful half the audience didn’t seem to get it, which is as it should be. But it was
profound!! Well done to all of them.
Finishes this weekend (14/8)
Off to see Midsummer Night's Dream tonight. Perhaps the most trivial of the Shakespeare plays, and yet the most difficult to make work well. Have seen it a number of times, but really only once done well!!! (Read this review of the NY performance which was repeated at the 1972 Adelaide Festival....40 years ago nearly...how can it be?)

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