Saturday, 7 August 2010

what should be of concern

What should be of concern to the electorate at this time is that:
  1. The format of the campaigns is more interesting than the content
  2. It doesn't matter what is promised by whom as the electorate seems to have doubts that either side will or can deliver
  3. I have seen my local MP at least once every Saturday, sometimes twice...but for the last three years I haven't seen him at all
  4. Of even more serious concern is that we, the electors, apart from being bored by this actually seem to tolerate this total and utter bastardisation of democracy
  5. We are hard-pressed to articulate what either of the main-stream parties actually stands for.


Penney said...

I totally agree with you. Andrew Southcott has made no speeches in parliament since I don't know when. It's always "I will do this" from both major parties but tomorrow never comes. I am weary of rhetoric and slanging matches. I shall do my best to vote for neither major party, which is very difficult due to the preferential voting system that causes us to vote for people we have no wish to see representing us eg, racists or anti gays or anti women's rights. I am exasperated enough to add that anyone who needs a "how to vote card" should not be voting.

stephen clark said...

I don't want to disenfranchise anyone, but I have not used a how to vote card for 15 years or more