Saturday, 21 August 2010

When to vote!

The whimsical early and vote often...amuses us all. (It begs the question about whether or not there are adequate identity checks at the polling places....I note we haven't been given little identification cards this time). [A person I used to be related to is not in the country and suggested to someone else that they might vote on their behalf!!!]
Last time I voted at 30 second past 8...and spent the rest of the day anxiously waiting that happy time when (like the true tragic I am) I could be bored for several hours on end (it only seemed to take abut 30-45 minutes in the event).
So today, I am going to spread it out a bit...and perhaps vote at 10. Or if I am really risqué perhaps I'll wait until 3!!!
Oh dear...I need to get a life!

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