Saturday, 9 October 2010

Field of women

One of the great things about Blackwood is having a cenotaph and a little lawn in front of the Uniting and Church, and just beyond the roundabout.
The pink crosses there for today are for women who have died of breast cancer.
They are also having a 'spa and relaxation' day with lots of engaging things to do. Good attendance.
In the midst of all the traffic (traffic never ends) our litlle community Corowood Choir sang "You raise me up" and "What a wonderful world", both inspiring and appropriate songs for such an occasion.
I dragged myself out of my sick bed (horrible flue stuff and cold sores to boot) to try and sing, but I am afraid I was cracking on anything above a I was trying to warm up in the shower I realised what a difference having just a little bit of training means. Then youngest S Clark was in a similar predicament two recitals ago, but she managed to hold to the notes even though her throat was like gravel.
Ahhh to be young again.

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