Monday, 18 October 2010

The opening spectacle

I thought I would make a pre-emptive strike and show you pictures of our flower garden before and after. This is 'before'.
The variable spring weather has had me worried. As I looked on Friday last I saw two things. First that the roses (of which there are many) looked as though they were about to bloom.
This worried me a little as weather wise wind and rain were being predicted and I feared that it all might be a little short-lived. However, they haven't quite burst; and a little flood of warmth later this week should bring them along nicely. However, we decided a few years ago that we would plant a few bulbs and so quite a lot opf irises were planted. When I was looking on Friday I saw the second phenomenon and that is that we would have quite a good showing of blue irises. But, since then there seems to have been a flood of yellow as well. These, too, have missed the bad weather and so there will be more after photos of them too. Though they won't last as long as the roses I suspect that, however briefly, they will be more spectacular.
Ahhhh Spring!

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