Saturday, 4 December 2010

The enculturation of marriage

We have a wedding coming up soon and I am interested to watch the middle S Clark as she prepares to become Mrs N.
This is the first part of the enculturation, I suppose, she will take her husband's name. Having three daughters I feel a little sad that our name might pass into oblivion if her siblings follow suit.
But it was interesting watching Glee the other night, to see two cast members expressing their love for each other by singing loudly and boldly that they loved each other and were (increase the volume) GETTING MARRIED.
I am optimistic for the newlyweds. I was actually asked for 'permission' (which I was pleased to give) on the day that Mrs C and I announced we were not going to live together any more.
It seemed to me a great statement of optimism and hope.
Here's a You Tube( "Shop Vac") which sings of everything that you have to take on

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