Monday, 6 December 2010

Is compost worth it?

I think compost is a good idea! But I am not convinced that I have ever got it right.
The current batch (I have actually run two bins..which has allowed me to circulate it a bit more) seemed to be going quite well then got all wet and smelly, then the mad rodents (possums and more!!) needed to be controlled...the compost was just too much goodness.
I felt sad when I accidentally killed a little blackbird the other day whilst trying to catch a mouse!
The compost never looks quite so friable as the example above!
But on the positive side. The tomatoes have just shot up and got lots of fruit, and with the warmer weather the process seems to accelerate and the whole thing works better. And I've got lovely thick solid hearted lettuce.

So I suppose the answer is "Yes!". And we shall see as the season goes on.

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