Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The old country

For a brief moment, the youngest S Clark and I were going to NY, NY (so good they named it twice!) for 10 days after Christmas. But it was not to be ( despite how much we would love to see Sean and Kristin in Promises Promises...(what DO you get when you fall in love?)
I was relieved in a way because I was a bit worried about the cold. It's relatively warm today as I write this ranging from 2 to -4!!
However have a thought for Aunty Adelaide who lives in chilly old Penrith, Cumbria, UK...the land of my birth. Looks like the sun is shining and temperatures range from -2 to -7!!
Tomorrow (bear in mind it's always warmer when it snows) it will be snowing and the temperature will be a sweltering 1 and down to -4!!!
Glad I am not there!


Cecil said...

"Glad I am not there!"
That is a good reason to be there.

stephen clark said...

Not for me, I love 35+

Cecil said...

Then the weather holds you captive.