Saturday, 26 February 2011

Doing what men do

I was rather intrigued to hear Jackie Weaver in her recent interview on Australian Story (here) talk about her numerous serious relationships with men.
In the course of that she says "I suppose I do what men do when it comes to relationships. I take what I want!"
I think it's quite a perceptive remark.
In the way of double standards we have often characterised women who have multiple relationships as being somehow morally suspect.
At the same time we tend to assume that when it comes to men that (while it may not be entirely kosher) it is more or less pardonable because that's what men do.
Weaver, however, doesn't come over as predatory in the way that a man in her position might


Cecil said...

How about more soul food in your blogs?

stephen clark said...

I think it is deceptive to think that "soul food' is somehow not what real life is made up of.
Part of my rationale for commenting is that we need to mine the hum drum for its depth. Jesus actually became flesh and was not a 'star baby' come to earth