Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The cake shops of Vienna

There are cake shops in Vienna.
How did they forget
the Anschluß
and still insist
that every time
someone left their shop
they'd say "Wiedersehen!"
See you again!?

That was a long time ago
hoffentlich (they told us at school)
never again!
But, I think,
See you again!
Is the best thing one of us
can say to another.
I don't care that your nuclear reactor has reacted
I don't care that your warlords fight
I don't care that your Armageddon is lining up.
I want you to take your torte
or your bun
cream-filled, cholesterol full.
And then your pastry
rich in butter
and take it
take it
take it from the shop
and let them say
I will see you again.

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