Friday, 4 March 2011

A great political blessing - not much to pick

One great blessing about it being Friday is that there is no Question Time from the House of Representatives.
Despite the fact that the revamping of the rules, which followed upon deals done after the election, to allow there to be genuine questions with actual answers we have witnessed a weak week of game playing.
Each day after three or four questions the Opposition has launched a Suspension order to try and get a censure motion debated. This is procedural stuff, almost always going to fail because they lack the numbers to carry the day.
It does allow the leader of the Opposition to get a moment of glory...and the PM to carry on like a two-bob watch.
Most of the stuff is repetitive, and is not substantial. It is political name calling-and I find myself wondering as I sip my luncheon soup or nibble the cracker...and how much do we pay these people to do this?
So it is a great blessing when there is no QT on Friday. And I will go off to Sushi Train to have lunch with K

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