Sunday, 27 March 2011

To be or not to be a miracle -great news story

Daniel, the grandson of two our parishioners, has been much in our thoughts and prayers in these last few weeks since being diagnosed with melanoma which subsequently had riddled his body, giving him incredible pain and suffering. Now our parish takes praying for the sick very seriously
Both his grandparents have been long term pray-ers and know how to do it well. It looked ten days ago that things were not good.
Now, this wonderful story has been spread through the press (see here). I can only say.....forgive me Lord for my doubts and strengthen me to pray again; and with his grandparents I pray keep Daniel going.
Now, it's easy to jump on the bandwagon and say "This is the miracle". There is no hint of this in the news reports who are oblivious of the great amount of prayer that has been marshalled.
I never pray, and we have never prayed, that our God should dispense with medical science. Indeed we have prayed that the doctors and scientists should have insight and understanding for Daniel. The news story shows that this prayer has been really answered for Daniel. I think this is a miracle! I don't care what Chris Dawkins might think of this, nor do I care if I am accused of jumping on the bandwagon. I do know that the God I believe in inspires and encourages scientists, and has created a world which is scientific, medical, intelligent.
Hallelujah! And I know many Christian scientists (some Jews, some Hindus and some Moslems too) whose faith is not diminished by science but strengthened and increased!
For the moment, and with a full heart I thank our loving God for answering our prayers for Daniel.

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