Monday, 11 April 2011

A conversation

The ABC Science Show did a piece on the weekend about a new website called The Conversation.
Its basic premise is about using people (often/mainly) in our universities who might actually know something about something. (As opposed to bloggers who like the sound of their own voice).
On first glimpse it seems worth a look.
It's covering a wide range of issues: science, politics, social sciences, the arts...etc and so on.

Let's face it we have a huge body of people in academia who should be able to make some intelligent contribution to the ongoing complex of debates in many different areas. I am sure that people will soon start bleating that our Universities are full of pinkos (I note for example that there is a significant piece of analysis of the political commentary of Andrew Bolt (here) who is very given to smearing red all over his opponents . I am sure he will have fun critiquing a critique of his critiques)

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