Friday, 6 May 2011

Don't quite understand!

I've been quite pleased that I get about 15-30 hits on my blog each day. I sometimes reflect that despite my doubts about it, there is actually a numerical effectiveness about this contact which I don't seem to manage in my day to day life.

Though I do hope that my one on one pastoral contacts are perhaps more intimate and meaningful.

I'm a bit surprised to see that in the last 10 days my average number of daily contacts has gone from about 25 to 70. What does this mean? And who are you?

Possible (if not bizarre and/or incorrect) answers
1. I have said something controversial (I do try to occasionally) and the FBI or the CIA are now monitoring my blog!
2. I am being stalked. This actually seems possible from a couple of recent human contacts. It's a bit scary on one level...but hilarious on another
3. Someone with an awful lot of time on their hands is killing time as they sit at their desk at a particularly boring job.
4. Or....who knows what else.

Any way if you, one or many, are partly responsible then I am happy to address your concerns and blog on issues of interest to you...otherwise it will just be politics, church and family...not a bad mix I suppose. But as a would-be dilettante I am happy to turn my ADHD of a mind to most things.

Incidentally, I actually think my most sophisticated reflections are on my homily blog...but that may be a bit religious for some ( These have the added advantage of meaning you don't have to come to church on Sunday to hear what I am going to say...though sometimes it gets changed in the preaching!!

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