Sunday, 1 May 2011

Oh what a night!

No, not Friday night...which was good and fun (The Royal Wedding)...bring on the Republic...but tonight's (Sunday's) TV is an absolute hoot.
Starts off with Channel 7 interviewing Ricky the moment I am writing this he is being asked "Why were you in your underpants in an under age girls' room?" This 47 year old is saying ...I don't know!! (how I was in my underpants). What the.....?
And then all sorts of questions about drugs sex...and therefore I suppose...rock and roll.
He is obfuscating (one of my favourite words).
And I found myself wondering...why on earth would you do such an interview?
It's to be followed by an interview with the rather sad Brendan Fevola who has become the sign of our present generations' social struggle with alcohol, fame and football.
And then of course there's the Logies. Won't be watching!
Because I will be truly relieved that my absolute favourite program, Masterchef, begins again tonight. PTL that my day to day life will now be dictated to by the incessant ridiculousness of this cooking show. Looking forward to it!

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Anonymous said...

me too..bringi it on.What hapless creatures we are!