Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Safe Space

We had an interesting discussion at a Clergy Conference today in which the Archbishop offered some tentative thoughts about recent events in our Diocese (see here for example).
He thoughtfully and a bit tentatively tried to suggest that our local diocese needed to discuss various issues which Anglicans are grappling with worldwide and that this needed to happen in a "safe space".
I agree with this. I have for a long time felt that the church is not "a safe space". Which you have to admit is a very serious indictment on our alleged commitment as Christians to love, tolerance, truth and honesty.
I bemoaned a little (I am good at 'bemoaning') that I have been waiting for this to happen...and pushed about when it might occur...apparently we might achieve it in the next twelve months.
I still feel really sad that the Church is not a 'safe space'...but I reflected that on my way to the meeting I had given a lift to one of my priest-parishioners, and on my way home to another one of my priest-parishioners. They are both dear friends and good and engaging conversationalists.
They both got an earful from me ( and listened and gave it back).
My reflection is that "safe space" may not be so much a place as a person. You know (to be deeply Christian!) what people like about the Lord is that he is is a safe place. And some of his nicer servants occasionally manage that two passengers today are great gifts to me of safe space.
It is no doubt not so much about the place as the person who allows it to happen


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