Monday, 11 July 2011

What is reality

The cold of the winter drives us inward, don't you think?
I seem to be spending a lot more time watching deliberate tv.
That is, (I am not a great television watcher) but I find that I am sitting in the warmth of the tv room a lot more. So I watch tv.
Some years ago my former partner and I had fun watching "Roswell" .......a sci fi series of the 90s .....during our holiday. We watched probably 15 hours of episodes one after the other. It was curiously therapeutic we didn't have to think much.

Well I have been revisiting that experience. It is not great drama. But it passes the grade of occupying the time...and the plot is sufficiently engaging to make it worth watching.
It's winter. And I don't know that we can ask for much more
Well since I wrote that the dead of night on my lap, in bed....I have decided I have watched enough Roswell for the next decade!!

Back to Wire in the Blood and thank goodness Silent Witness is about to begin again

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