Monday, 15 August 2011

Economic Fundamentalism

It does seem crazy that now the world is in a great deal of economic crisis that the glib promise that we would be 'back in the black' as far as budgets go will still need to be delivered in the same narrow time frame..
The Federal government will have some limited excuse when the time comes if it doesn't manage to deliver. But to adhere to the politcis when the economics doesn't make sense is at the least a sort of political if not, economic, fundamentalism

What I find rather soul destroying is the political opportunism that this sort of promise springs from. It's sad from the viewpoint of this government that, even though to my mind they are preferable to the alternative, they are proving to be remarkably inept on so many levels. 
That is to say the least, a little worrying.
Today I had community discussions about a 175 year celebration next year. Part of the program it is hoped would be held in the new school hall. A hall that's now more than 12 months late. 
That apparently you can't walk into unless you take off your shoes, because of the nature of the surface of the foor. And already they've had trouble with water leakage.
I found myself wondering whether or not by the time we come to use it later next year it would be ready; I am hopeful but not optimistic.

Is this sort of failure the Government's fault! Not entirely I think, but it is part of their naïveté that they should have had the sense to realize that this sort of mass stimulus always had the pear-shaped potential. And they don't have the political nous to be able to manage it.

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