Monday, 29 August 2011

Father of the vegan

The youngest S Clark  has been a vegan for some time. And although it has taken some time to get used to it by now it has become almost second-nature
Hence the picture of the vegan pumpkin scones I 'knocked up' this afternoon.
This means there is no butter, no milk and no egg. Unlike the famous Bjelke-Petersen scones.
Most people are horrified by the idea of ideological veganism.  
But it has about it a certain consistency and logic, we don't eat anything that doesn't "belong to us".
The deepest shock I had was when S announced that she shouldn't eat honey. At the time it seemed that this was the last straw. Eggs and even milk and butter I could understand, but I had never even thought about honey.
But now I am so used to buying food that does not contain gelatine (made from cows) and checking to see that there are no hidden milk solids, that honey is a minor distraction
In fact, I even toyed with the idea today of starting a blog of all the highly successful recipes we have discovered and invented. Like these easy scones!
It's not really too hard, and although I am not a vegan myself...probably 4 out of 7 days I am...though I eat eggs and I just have to eat bacon! No I am not a vegan.
But I know how to make it work!


Anonymous said...

You couldn't go vegan...couldn't live without your cappuchino!!!

Anonymous said...

True. Not a great fan of the soy