Saturday, 13 August 2011

Not political

The riots in England are deeply confronting.
I had a couple of interesting encounters this week.
The first was someone who said to me  "It's all those Moslems!" I was being castigated, I suspect, because I am a well-known lefty, Moslem sympathiser!
I was actually quite shocked!
The reason for this shock was that I hadn't twigged at all that these outrageous actions were being located either in any religious or racial group.
It would seem after a week of it (while not straight forward) that my original suspicion was correct.

This picture you may think curious, but I tried to 
find an illustrative cartoon and they are all just too offensive (The Tangled Web
There are no doubt some people who have used the disturbances to reinforce their nasty one more balanced (so it seemed to me) commentator said during the week "Many Britains of Asian background, are very entrepreneurial; and this can be deeply resented in certain sectors of society"
It is is interesting to note this phrase "Britains of Asian background"...indeed I heard one who might as well have begun his interview with "Eeh bah gum!" rather than "Goodness gracious me!"
I can only conclude that the major reason racial and anti-Islamic prejudice is so prevalent is because the perpetrators think they can tell people's religion by the colour of their skin. (Interesting that most Anglicans are coloured or black). Many Moslems of course live in Europe...isn't that what the war in the former Yugoslavia was partly about...and look like their neighbours.
And in UK (as in Australia) immigrants who came in the twenty five years after the War now have children and grandchildren who may have racial characteristics, but who were born in England, or Adelaide, and may never have been out of the country of their birth. If you shut your eyes and listen, they speak just like everyone else.
Racism is just bizarre!

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