Tuesday, 9 August 2011

On your bike....Mike!!!!

It has been faintly amusing to watch the transition of the South Australian leadership of the government and the Labor Party.
Not even a storm in a tea cup.
In the end Jay Weatherill is the perfect candidate and the diplomat (Do you know anyone who hates him?)
Despite the shrill imaginings of the local press...the Matts, the David and the Toms....he is prepared to allow Mike Rann to bide his time and then move into the top job.
He actually seems to be the very model of a major modern politician.
I want to be there by agreement and consensus.
The nasty boys all want him to have stabbed Mike in the back, but he is too busy walkling his kids to school.
To be fair to Mike, too, he has not been a b&%^$#d of the nth degree. Instead of hanging out till the last minute he is going 6 months earlier.
I know a lovely person who works for M, I am deeply surprised by the loyalty he engenders. But why shouldn't he; though an arrogant so and so, he has also been an effective Premier.
Good luck to them both

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