Friday, 5 August 2011

Serious resistance

Have seriously resisted the temptation (sed libera nos a malo) to say the day of the printed page is over but I am increasingly coming to that opinion.
The latest brick to fall is the newspaper. While some of us have been agonising about whether or not we should subscribe to online newspapers, I noticed the other day when in my local library that they were suggesting that members should access papers on the web through the library system. ( You can do this here)
I lay in bed this morning and read the Australian and the Advertiser (actually discovered I had written a letter to the paper!! ) on my tablet... substantially the same as here.
This gets more and more exciting. When I went to the desktop to see how this worked this afternoon I discovered I was on a page (accessed through a South Australian Library!!!) called Journaux du Monde Entier.
Seems to me this means "Every Journal/Newspaper in the world!!!"
Now one of my children (K) and I usually only communicate in French these days (!!!) but I was deeply shocked to find that Mitcham Council was inviting me so to do as well!!!
Through this page I can access  all or in part The Australian, the Advertiser, the Trader, The Age,  Australian Literary Review, Daily Mail, Vancouver Sun, New York Post....and so it goes on
And you wonder why I think the last bastion has fallen! 
As a news lover I feel pretty excited by this! 
I can manage it. And I can do it in bed!!!

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