Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Back to first principles

I started writing a letter to the paper saying that: Now that Nauru and Malaysia are just not going to happen that the Labor Party should go back to first principles.
You know, looking out for the underdog...and just boldly going where no poll-driven solution  might dare to go....process them (albeit toughly) ....on the MAINLAND
Then, Australians all, we might be able to genuinely rejoice!
Because not only are we young but we are FREE, and we declare freedom to be a core value.
Freedom for those who have been cruelly driven into nowhere land.
this is in your face stuff. we have nothing to fear about it actually happening....in our face, and in our place. The mainland!!

Twice I started to rewrite the letter. And twice I just couldn't send it.
The Advertiser wouldn't print it. The Government has not got the guts to do it!

I deleted and didn't send


Chris said...

Go on Stephen send it. What's the saying... 'evil triumphs when good men say nothing'. Say something.

stephen clark said...

I felt really overwhelmed by the futility of it all

I agree though with the sentiment