Friday, 16 September 2011

A noisy world

The world has become 
very noisy
of late
The constant droning
incessant whining
of those who, like me,
think their opinions 
are worth listening to
(and some are, but most
are not)
In the house
as I sit
the radio plays the tuba
the washing machine beats the clothes
the cars, the never-ending cars
just whizz by
day and night,
night and day.

I struggle to not be noisy
for a few minutes,
none of the droning, whining, playing,
beating, whizzing
But somewhere, usually, 
if I can but stay there,
a moment of silence
fragile thing
might come
and then longing
to remain
I come to know
I must go
and do.
Day by day

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Know the feeling, but worth perseverring with.