Thursday, 1 September 2011

A stark realisation

Yesterday's decision of the High Court to overturn the legality the so-called Malaysian solution  comes as no surprise to many of us who have already felt that it was immoral and unjust. Would it be presumptuous to even say "un-Australian".
There is a lot of two-facedness going on. From a Labor party that declares it is on the side of the underdog. To a Liberal party that has a track record of being so harsh now proclaiming a new self-righteousness!
We are not the only country in the world that has to deal with increasingly fluid people movements. Europe is awash with African and Middle Eastern refugees (many more so than we are faced with). The southern border of the US (depending on whom you listen to) has a greater problem with unauthorised immigration than Australia is ever likely to have.
What is happening here?
The world is changing, probably has changed for ever. The ease with which people can now move from region to region is a fundamental change to life on this planet.
What we in the land of Oz have to realise is that we can no longer pretend that we are tucked away in the bottom right hand corner of the world and are some how insulated from the problems of our common humanity.
The very insulation and isolation which we have cultivated is attractive to those who have never known anything like stability.

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