Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just thinking about packing

We are so fortunate to be able to travel. But packing...well that's another thing.Almost there
It's also a question of what reading you might take and how you might take it. The Church Times notes that there is increasing pressure for religious books to be presented in eformat.
Excuse me! Get up to date.
By and large I haven't opened a paper bible for over a year....and I have read the whole Bible through completely in the last few months....so we are already there.
What I also want is all the good Biblical commentaries to be able to be downloaded  as ebooks, I want the holy books to be available to me on my iPhone. (incidentally when I last went on retreat and was directed by my Director to The Cloud...I was able to go back to my room and download it!)
And I have novels and classics, essays and newspapers from all around the world
And I say to myself...what a wonderful world

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Anonymous said...

au revoir, bon voyage and goodbye! Have a GREAT holiday.