Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Big Stuff

There is a lot of "big stuff" going on in the political sphere at this time.
It is almost tedious to hear the ongoing debate about what is planned and happening in the Murray-Darling Basin. I observed many years ago that, certainly in our continent, but no doubt throughout the world, that it would be the Water War that was going to be important. Much more important that the war about petroleum...which we seem to be in the midst of (some musings..mainly lighter...about water)
There is a indeed, a dilemma. If we do not preserve the river(in the largest environmental sense) then it does not matter that the lower river and upper river economics are....if there is no river...there is no river economy.
But, there are people...in Robinvale, Mildura, Tocumwal, Waikerie, Loxton, and Goolwa,(to mention but six) whose livelihood depends not just on the river reaching the sea, but also on their agriculture (avocados, mangoes, pistachios, grapes, rice...etc) having the water.
And if the farmers don't get paid then their life, and the community's life evaporates. Not just the water. The river may be healthy, but if communities have no possibility of productivity...then there are real. The river flows but the towns dies.
Is it possible for both the river and the communities to exist side by side.
This is the dilemma.
It is a real dilemma. In reality we need to stop playing political games and start trying to ensure the rivers survival and the existence of the river communities.
One cannot exist without the other. There need sto be give and take.
Bit the talk at the moment does not seem to suggest that either side is really hearing the claim of the other.

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