Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review 3

Just looking back through the year is New Year's Eve after all....
I praised Andrew Wilkie for being a thorn in the side, I am still inclined to think that this makes for good government. While we do want Governments to govern ...get over mandate politics.....(something an obstructionist Opposition might well take heed of) it is also good for them to be held to account, and to not just run rough shod through the Parliamentary system.
The bizarre rhetoric of the Opposition, that the Greens are the defacto government is not genuine political comment, it is a scare tactic.
I have voted for the Greens, knowing full well that some of their social policy is not what I would like...too loose on drugs and abortion...but their policy is not likely to become law, it is aspirational, philosophical and eidetic, perhaps (some would say) idiotic!
I bemoaned in March that excellent Speaker, Harry Jenkins, was being tested too much. Alack, alas, he went. And we await with baited breath the unfortunate consequences!

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