Saturday, 7 January 2012

Busy day

On what was quite a busy day yesterday ( my 'day off'!) I had  an interesting but quite demanding visit to hospital to see an old friend who I haven't seen much of in the last few years.
Her brain seems to have scattered, and the past, the distant past and the present all seem to come and go almost at random.  Not at all clear what might have triggered this off, so it's a little alarming. But she looked physically well. Indeed, one would have to say, very well.
It was quite good to be a sort of 'fixed peg' from her past of thirty years ago (when we first met) and allow her to anchor some fo the memories.
One curious thing that got said was about her son, who I happen to have married probably a quarter of a century ago to a girl who had been in the same youth group as us; alack alas that marriage lasted only briefly.
But yesterday my friend when talking about him just threw into the conversation "Of course he's gay now!" (he would be in his late forties)
I was struck not so much by the information as by the acceptance of this by a very loving mother, now quite aged. It had no controversy about it, rather it seemed to be a simple statement about where life was at.
There seems to me to be an important insight here. But I leave you to draw your own conclusion

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