Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Australia is mad! We just think we can do nothing in the three weeks after Christmas.
It's funny because, by and large those weeks are pretty clement, and those of us who are more sensible should holiday in late January when it's "Scorchio!" and just fantastica typico-Australiano weather. Sun bleached, blue skies, really beach weather.
The sort of nights when you go down to Henley Square and and chips, Chinese, drink white wine, swim and just enjoy each other's company. Think that tomorrow you might go to Cleland, or horseriding or simply sit on the beach...let's face it that's what most Aussies want to do on Australia Day....go to the beach.
Our Australian of the Year (Herr Doktor Rush) tells us something profound....we are the plucky country!!!!!
There are equivalents in every state, but as a South Aussie, there is no doubt that sitting on the Gulf St Vincent listening to the gentle lap of the could even sit at Stansbury on the other side or Port Broughton....and you would just think this is what heaven is like
He wants to support young actors...I have two in my family. 
And I just totally and utterly laud a country that believes that we have theatre, music,and comedy that is world standard. Wooh hooh!!!

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