Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Tuesday- Mardi Gras

We loved this day as children, it was the only day we ever had pancakes. Now I have an 18 year old who can whip up a mean batch anytime and has even perfected the vegan variety.
The day is more commonly called  Shrove Tuesday in English speaking countries...it is the day before Lent begins (Ash Wednesday), 
In Latin countries sometimes it gets  called Mardi Gras  (anyone with a basic knowledge of French will tell you Mardi is Tuuesday and Gras is Grease  or fat. So it's or "greasy Tuesday" ...not Gay Parade Day! ) The explanation of this day';s meaning has got lost for most people.
The trouble is it's ancient. The trouble is it's northern hemisphere.  The trouble is we live in the (in my opinion) second-most secular country in the world (after France).
Any way..'shrove' means "having gone to confession"...when you are shriven you go to the priest and confess....I must admit that as a Shrivener I have not been run off my feet!!  
But perhaps give a thought before you guzzle another pancake with blueberry cream and ice cream, or with eggs and bacon (our childhood pancakes were never like this)..perhaps it's worth doing something about the crap in your life too.!!
Happy Lent!

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