Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bad Behaviour

Went to see a movie and there was this group of older (75+) women in the back row. One of them talked incessantly throughout the latter half of the film. Incessantly and loudly
I wanted to turn round and tell her to shut up...but I didn't! 
 I think I behaved well and she behaved badly. 
The film had quite a serious side, about what it means to be married. This is what seemed to trigger this off. Anytime sex or marriage breakdown got mentioned , she felt the need to opinionate. 
And she did, over and over again.
 And then there was the aside about gay marriage "I think it's ok," she opined, "but not in church of course". I made a loud aside. 
Now that was bad behaviour! But she was so busy prattling on that she didn't hear! 
Perhaps the worst thing happened shortly after 3.40 "what time is it?" obviously she had tired of mr sondheim and ms lupone.
"It's 4.45!" one of them said.
"Surely it can't be!" 
We had after all got there for a start at 1.00.
I knew immediately that she had forgotten about daylight saving...and that we all had to turn the clocks back.
My only hope was that she was going to worry about missing the bus and would leave. But I was to be disappointed. She continued to prattle.
I want at least to observe that we often make the mistake that bad behaviour is the prerogative of the young.
Certainly not today

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melvin said...

Hi M. Clark.
I'm from France and making some research about Australia for a book
Maybe I'm totally wrong, but anyway, I'd like you to ask, is is you M. Clark who played "Sarse" in Mad Max ?