Friday, 11 May 2012

Good fun!

We are deeply privileged to have some amazing works of art in one of our parish churches. There are 6 leadlight windows by local artist Sallie Butterfield (Sandiford). It is a great privilege to have six pieces of one artist's work in a single location.
Since I bought my latest camera (particularly to take photos in  the Middle East last year.....some blogs (and more) here) I have tried to take photos of these windows....but have not really succeeded.
I decided therefore to do a class with local adult education (WEA Courses) for Single Lens Reflex  Camera users.
I wondered what this might be like, but it has been great.
Our tutor, Tim, told us we were not allowed to take photos on Automatic any more...he actually calls it "idiot mode"!
And I have done that! 
I happen to have a Canon 550D...Great camera
And you will note from the pic attached....not great...but passable...that I did manage to take pics of them all.
Look forward in the next week for a new section on the parish webpage which will display Sallie's windows.
What I also can't get over is how much I have been energised by this rather good, but simple, course. And I have even done my homework!!

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