Friday, 20 July 2012

How great thou art!

How great is it to be 18?  Picked up the youngest SC after her ES (Evangelical Students) camp today
She was telling me all sorts of great stuff.
I am very impressed by the serious level of discipleship that was being taken.
She told me that she took a seminar on Old Testament Theology!!!
This being my first love...(well Hebrew language is actually my first love but theology will do)  I was entranced

And then we sat in the car and debriefed for an hour...about what was genuine and what was indoctrination. I felt proud of my daughter that:
a) She would be seduced by the Hebrew Scriptures, and recognise that she could love them more. To which all I can say is "Baruch Atah Adonai Elohenu. Melech Ha Olem"
b) She would recognise that her faith could be exciting and thrilling. Woo hoo (two out of three ain't bad)!!!
c)She can also recognise that this is ambivalent...the price for conservative faith is a a level of conformity and rigidity....and, indeed, she questions a lot of that.

I found it great to be 18, enthusiastic, extreme and I am happy for her

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