Friday, 19 October 2012

The window of opportunity

Our Bishop reminded us tonight that the Diocese of Adelaide has a window of opportunity. Three years ago we were rather desperately wounded and weak and not capable of doing much.
Three years in the future our ageing profile will be that much older that the opportunity may well have passed (I am not entirely convinced that old people are unadventurous...many are real go getters and achievers...but let's move on)
So now...he suggests in his Synod a time to act.
It was a call to action and well-received I suspect.
The people gathered in St Peter's Cathedral (though old) were also ready to hear the call to move forward.
I said to my lovely friend as we drove home that I would love to take the opportunity.
Wouldn't it be wonderful, for example, to offer to use St John's Church as a dedicated music space for our next door neighbour Coromandel Valley Primary School.
Do we have this sort of vision? Could we move out of our fortress and allow ourselves to serve?
I suspect we are slow, or reluctant, possibly even resistant...but maybe we can challenge ourselves...wouldn't that be wonderful. The thought of our lovely church being used to enrich and enliven the hearts of the young is just enlivening

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