Monday, 12 November 2012

Don't kid yourself

While in not way wanting to underestimate how culpable churches are in child abuse it would be foolish to assume that only churches have perpetrated sexual abuse.
I look back on my very brief time as a teacher in the SA Education department and can see that in the 70s there were probably things going on that in the 21st century would be regarded as highly suspect. That was then this is now. My feeling is that if you begin to peel back the layers we discover the problem is wider than institutions is about men and what we have been allowed to get away with. Or rather what we have allowed ourselves to accused of.
Churches of course are full of men, so is the Scouts and various sporting organisations, the army and lots of workplaces, surf life savers, university colleges and so on you get my point?
It would be easy to say this is a church only is not.
If we do not go root and branch then we will address only a fraction of the situation and the cause.

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