Monday, 10 December 2012

We get the radio we deserve

Personally I think the more shock jocks who get fired from their jobs the better. From Alan Jones down (or up depending on how you think of it).
But it's not going to happen is it? (some ABC coverage here)

If you look at the saga of 2DayFM over the last 18 months or so, you'll see that the horrible Kyle Sandilands and his offsider Ms O are still on air after numerous offensive stunts.
Self-regulation my boot!
And we all love Hamish and Andy...who skate on very thin ice sometimes.

It takes two, as they say, to tango!
And as offensive as all this stuff is the other partner in this little dance is the public who demand this ever-more offensive rubbish that passes for entertainment, or even worse, news!

As for the Royals. Let's not forget that they enjoy their privileged status for the same reason, so many are just fascinated and titillated by them. I
It is my personal hope that, despite the fact that it now won't make any difference what gender the child happens to be, Australia will no longer perpetuate a monarchical system by the time it becomes an issue.
In fact I hope I hope we won't even have a Charles III or William V


Anonymous said...

The more ministers that get sacked the better.

stephen clark said...

Thanks for that

I wonder how many families you cared for last week whose father and husband had just died.
Or how many people you talked to about their life problems, their health or their worries.

I wonder how many people you have helped celebrate the birth of a new baby in the last little while, or couples you talk to about what it means to have a meaningful relationship

I don't doubt that some clergy are bad and should be sacked...but it's a bit rich to suggest that we all are.

My solution to the 2Day FM fiasco is for people to turn off.
I wonder why you don't do the same thing to my blog if you find it so offensive.

stephen clark said...

I am also not hiding behind the veil of anonymity