Tuesday, 1 January 2013

La belle nouvelle année

Ici en Australie, ce n'est pas l'hiver  c'est l'été!!!!
In the words of the song.
Christmas in Australia's hot
Cold and frosty's what it's not!!!

Well today has been New Years Day.. Unusually I was actually awake at 12 midnight...and on a beautifully mild night there was lots of popping and bopping.
I have had a curious day...wondering where my children were(...but essentially I trust them)
Then knowing I needed to begin the great readathon I had to decide (since actually no one had made any suggestions!!!) whose complete works I was going to attempt in the first season
Let me announce....with some trepidation...that I have decided that Patrick White  will be my challenge.( my daughter (the medium S Clark...sometimes known as Nagy) said "How did you enjoy reading Peter White?"....how have we bred such a limited generation)
Well I read page after page after page of Tree of Man...this is almost the most wonderful book I have ever read...I am after all a priest and have to give some priority to Holy Writ!!!
I think I can do this. Am a bit intimidated by Voss but I also love opera and I feel I can do this.
So that was the afternoon
Then I went for a swim to Brighton (South Australia).....I have so  many snaps that it looks as though I live there...and I wish I did.
The sea was rough....and warm...and so South Australian.
I have no doubt about why I want to live here...and want my grandchildren to live here.
And then I met the two youngest S Clarks (one insists on being called Nagy) and my son in law...the reason why we are called Nagy....(what a good thing he is) ...and our lovely friend Kieran.
We went to beach central SA...Glenelg...and watched buskers, felt sand between our toes. Talked fondly and plaintively.
This is Australia!

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