Monday, 3 June 2013

How can you get it so wrong?

Not sure how many of you play Facebook Scrabble. But we are about to witness the biggest outbreak of middle-class outrage that Facebook has ever seen.
How dare they destroy our games, change the board, the rules and the dictionaries!
How dare they assume that no one could care less.
Someone at Facebook/Scrabble/Mattel decided that they knew what we all needed (here...may or may not link) But it seems that they were wrong.
And the world of Scrabble players is furious.
Well I am.
How dare they tell me that ZO is not a word.
  Even if it is not then everyone knows that zho and zoh are words.  Haven't these people ever heard of SOWPODS.
And indeed how can you offer an internet Scrabble which doesn't know of the official tournament standards (except in US, Thailand and Canada.....maybe that's it and  this is all about North American Imperialism!!)
Any way...we are mad...and we are not going to take it.
Meanwhile is 4.49 p.m.
The South Australian sky is golden
as it gets just before the twilight (such as it is in the Southern Hemisphere)....
and I am thinking
"Scrabble, Scrabble?  God's in her heaven and there is a lot more to life than Scrabble!"
Mind you, Harry and Lily (aka Dad and Mum) played at least six games a day. But they loved the golden sky too!.


Jocel Fullido said...

scrabble is always good at the brain, its a good exercise..i do love playing scrabble, especially it can enhance our brain and its really a good help.

2 letter scrabble words

stephen clark said...

I agree with you about the great enjoyment that Scrabble gives to many. My own parents used to play at least 4 games (and often 10) a day
And I am not too worried about lists of two letter words...I know most of them by heart after 4 decades of playing...but the current internetic version doesn't actually follow the international standard rules