Monday, 15 July 2013

Like getting measles

I found this rather simple account of (one of) our beloved leaders' stories of coming to faith quite touching and straightforward.
Rather gives one hope.

Many of you reading this will never have had measles. I have. And most of us born in the 20th or 21st centuries have no idea how serious a disease it was.  I always remind my people, particularly mindful when about to go to Hawaii, what havoc we wreaked on the South Pacific to peoples who had no immunity.

The Christian faith is quite serious as well!   It was great for me to spend my Sunday morning Church with one of my three favourite children.  Deeply shocking, too, to realise that I could feel the presence of the Living One in a Baptist Church, and that I could share in the Real Presence at a lay presidency of wine, biscuits (I think they were gluten free!)  but of that most shocking of all substances (to a South Australian)...grape juice...[I did make my own private prayers as a priest in Apostolic ensure that everyone was receiving the Body and Blood of Christ]

Any way, read Blessed Justin's interview...Anglicans!  it will restore your faith that once again the HS seems to have got it right

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