Thursday, 15 August 2013

Same, same...but different!

Here I am on the Big Island of Hawaii, for what has been a fascinating two weeks. I am more struck by  how similar this experience is than how different it is!
Isn't that wild
I went to this lovely Beach Park (Spencer Beach Park) this afternoon about 15-20 mins drive
Fish like you don't see in SA, and coral...amazing
Before I drove off I had to tell a lady to stop blocking my drive.
She was doing this because the Op Shop was open and was doing a thriving trade.   Good for St Augustine's Kapaau
But next door they were chopping down trees, thank goodness not at 6.30 like yesterday.
I have taken services: smaller and larger...they seem not unlike what I am used to at home
I went to Bible Study....not unlike at home, the leader did their thing....and didn't really comprehend that the participants hadn't got it. Told us what to believe (even me!) and it seemed a bit tired and formulaic
My great PA asked "How did Bible Study go?"   I obviously looked pained!   "She didn't listen, and didn't really care about the answers"   This is shorthand
It is same, same   but different
How beautiful upon the mountain is our Laotian Eucharistic Minister who wants to go to everything. ..and will serve Mass for the Holy Mother tomorrow (15 August)
Whose English needs help and attention, do the good folk get it...she has had limited Government support but now needs someone to sit with her twice or three times a week to just help her.
And she invited me to the birthday party for her 7 year old
Next Sunday we will have prayers for healing at the Eucharist...wonder what they will make of that
In the meantime...I am going to take a short Bible study...about next Sundays gospel
Short, because we start at 7 and at 8 the power goes out until 5 tomorrow.
It's called upgrade.
Sounds like Eyre peninsula !

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