Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A 'new' era

Don't get me wrong, it remains to be seen whether this government will deliver.
Personally I worry about the fact that the conservative coalition seems to be mean-spirited towards those who are hard done by; I am particularly thinking of refugees and so-called 'boat people';.
I worry about the fact that the conservatives seem to think that everyone has the capacity to redeem themselves in a 'fair society'....my experience would lead me to believe that some people's circumstances are so dire that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to leap all the hurdles that are put in front of them.
"Temporary protection visas" are an iniquity which mean that those in political limbo are driven to distraction, never sure that their personal  circumstances are resolved. Always 'temporary'   which means that they can never have certainty. Or that their families can be secured in union with them. Psychiatric illness in such a state is awful, and we precipitate it in the name of good policy!
May the new government do better than the last, and not just react to paranoia ...but start to proactively address the issues of refugees in our midst.
BUT, I am not optimistic!

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